Recently the Access Fund joined ProMotive.com, the last of the six groups that make up the Outdoor Alliance to join the site (others are the American Canoe Association,  American Hiking Society, American Whitewater, IMBA, and Winter Wildlands Alliance.) These member groups are seen as true experts by many of our brands, so it’s great to see them actively participating in ProMotive.com. They work tirelessly to provide stewardship of places where Americans hike, paddle, ski, mountain bike and climb. Through their  staff, guides, instructors, and volunteers they actively encourage the public to enjoy healthy, traditional outdoor activities. We are excited to work with such great outdoor leaders and advocates, and to know they are out there promoting our brand clients.

Last fall ProMotive.com exhibited at the Partnership Summit Conference, where the Outdoor Alliance shared ideas with federal land management agencies about ways to ensure outdoor space and activities remain a major part of our common future. Hopefully ProMotive.com will continue to serve as a benefit to the Outdoor Alliance – after all, our brand relationships naturally enable us to properly equip those who are frequently outside!

Do you have a team you’d like to suggest be built on ProMotive.com? Send me an email at peter.lake@experticity.com.

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