Experts are everywhere. They’re in every facet of our lives.

When you get a coffee in the morning, the barista serving you knows exactly how to make you the best espresso you’ve ever had. She has made the same drink thousands of times and has acquired the skill set to do it perfectly.

When you get the oil changed on your car, the mechanic fixing your car has repaired the problem hundreds of times. He’s got expertise in the field and knows precisely how to solve your problem.

When you go to make a deposit at the bank, the teller depositing your money counts it incredibly fast. So fast you can’t believe they’re actually getting an accurate count. But they do, almost every time, because they’re well practiced at the act.

Bear with me, these examples serve to illustrate a common point: When people repeat a task over and over again they become the best at it. Better then anyone else.

It is these kind of people that comprise eXperticity’s community of experts. They’re singularly the best at what they do, and they hold very valuable insight into the day to day utility they get from certain products and brands.

This insight is at the heart of the value eXperticity provides. If the barista says you should get a different kind of coffee this morning, you’ll believe her. If the mechanic says you should rotate your tires and get an oil change, you’ll also take his word for it.

These experts drive the day to day life of consumers, and hold tremendous value in the purchasing life cycle. As a brand, it’s these experts that you want to ensure are well trained about your product and service.

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