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We combine these solutions to meet your marketing needs — every season, every launch, as often as you please.

Market Research

Tap into the insights of the people consumers trust the most.

Product Advocacy

Boost our experts' knowledge of your brand and products in real time.

Content & Reviews

Get your latest product into the hands of the most influential audience on the planet.

Case Studies

See real-world examples of how brands are connecting with trusted experts, gaining powerful insights and integrating experts’ stories
into their own digital efforts.

How Cellucor empowered the influencers consumers trust.

How Purina got the most important influencers talking about new products at the most important places.

Why Reebok chose authentic experts to tell their story... We’ve gone after these influencers who really connect with the customer.

WÜSTHOF partnered with Experticity to create and deliver content that resonated with experts working at retail locations..

Our Expert Network

For 13 years Experticity has been steadily building and credentialing a network of more than a million of the most influential people on the planet. Located all across the continent, these retail sales associates, vetted influencers and ultra-qualified pros represent 30+ unique categories. They are diverse. They are passionate. They are qualified. They are experts.