There’s a Better Buying Experience
With an ocean of product specs and reviews only a few taps away, expert opinions are essential for the savvy consumer—and savvy brands are wising up.

That’s where we come in.

Experticity collects these category influencers and connects them with the world’s top brands to create a new breed of buying experience—informed, genuine, and good for everyone. Experts get rewarded for their knowledge, brands get social influence and measurable digital campaigns, and consumers get the perfect product for them.

Over 700 brands in dozens of industries have seen what a network of experts can do for their bottom line.




We’re for the industry lovers. The information seekers. The people pleasers. The humble yet bona-fide pros. For the everyday teachers whose classroom just happens to be the sales floor or the mountainside — because that’s where their hard-earned knowledge helps people decide what to buy.

We’re for the irrepressible enthusiasts who know the best way to paddle a kayak, brighten a complexion or master a mixer. The passionate true believers who love watching others fall in love with that new purchase, that new hobby or that thing they never thought they’d love.

We’re for the facts, the specs, the stories, the tiniest of details that make those light bulbs go off and those smiles appear. And we’re all about that 15-foot-tall feeling that comes from making people happy by sharing knowhow on how-to and what’s what.

We’re for the specialists in the stores. The influencers in the field. The shoppers scratching their heads. The brands bringing the innovation. For a world where more experts get more wisdom, more attention and more rewards for what they know. Experticity is for the joy of helpful expertise.



Not all influence is created equal

Meet the experts themselves. Experticity members who are out there walking the walk. Pursuing their passions. And helping others do the same. What does being an expert mean to them? Find out below.