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It’s completely automated and it’s scalable.We’re putting Experticity on the front side, andmade it mandatory that [brand reps aren’t] flying there until [sales associates] are prepared.”


sales lift at the retail locations that engaged with Experticity content


increase in Cellucor's Expert audience at GNC

How Cellucor empowered the influencers consumers trust.

Sports nutrition brand Cellucor haslong recognized that sales associates
at key retailers act as important influencers, helping consumers wade
through the sea of supplement choices. Like many companies, they
lean heavily on brand reps to develop these sales associates — and know
the cost and scalability issues that accompany this method.

Cellucor and Experticity worked together to create a targeted solution
to arm these retail influencers with both the product experience and the
expert knowledge needed for them to become powerful brand advocates.

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