How it works

How brands partner with Experticity
to build product advocacy,
powered by experts.


Define your objective

Partner with Experticity to identify and define the key business objectives we can help you achieve.


Build Brand Awareness


Increase Purchase Consideration


Convert from Consideration to Purchase


Launch / Relaunch New Products


Increase Product Advocacy


Choose your products

We customize solutions specific to your business objectives, drawing from a proven portfolio of solutions we've implemented across our 500+ client partners.


Market Research

Capture predictive insights from trusted experts.

  • Expert NPS
  • Category perception
  • Brand/ Product Sentiment

Product Advocacy

Influence consumer purchase through expert product recommendations.

  • Product Education
  • Product Seeding
  • Live Events

Content & Reviews

Source contents from experts that's relatable and credible.

    • Product Reviews
    • UGC
    • User-Inspired Content

Identify your experts

From our network of more than 1 million experts - people who inspire others through their passion, experience and knowledge - we identify those that are best positioned to address your unique business objective.


Katie Michno

  • New York Road Runners employee
  • NYC running club & The November Project member
  • Daughter of U.S. Olympic Trials contender

Heather Silva

  • Wellness coach & personal trainer
  • Vitality Nutrition employee
  • Half marathon runner
  • Powerlifter

Justin Lee

  • Firefighter & EMT
  • Competitive athlete
  • Avid spearfisherman
  • Hunter

Activate & empower them

We connect experts and Brands, and create a meaningful, two-way conversation specific to your business need and solutions set. We make sure your experts' voices are informed and amplified so their expertise can be heard and applied.


See how our solutions amplify the voices of the experts recommending your brand. From sharing your brand story with others to giving you meaningful feedback to inform your innovation plans, Experts will have a highly visible impact on your marketing strategy.

Measure the impact

Experts are making
more product recommendations
than the average person each week
Experts spend an average of
engaging with a brand's content
in a single session on Experticity.
After engaging with a brand on Experticity, Experts are
more likely to recommend it.
These Experts are so trusted that
of people view their recommendation
as something they would be highly likely to follow

Optimize & enhance

It's more than metrics and KPIs. It's consultation to measure the success of your solutions. You'll find true partnership and driving results is at our core.

We've seen and learned about the impact of influencer marketing and realize that Experticity has been an untapped resource for us.

Boost advocacy and drive sales through our custom, expert-powered solutions.

Learn more about how you can build product advocacy through Experts.