Marketoon: Celebrity Sparks Attention. Authenticity Drives Sales.

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Celebrity sparks attention. Authenticity drives sales.

In fact, just 3% of consumers would consider buying a product endorsed by a celebrity. Why? It’s not the trusted, authentic, credible advice buyers are looking for. You and I know that LeBron doesn’t drive a Kia (regardless of what he claims), Mathew McConaughey isn’t in a Buick, and Charlie Sheen shouldn’t be driving anything, even a Fiat in his own house.

Who are these trusted influencers? A true influencer is someone who is seen as an expert in a category. Thanks to their passion and product know-how, people trust their recommendation and come to them for advice on what to buy, and because they know their stuff, their advice is both credible and authentic.

Real influence comes from everyday people — micro-influencers who may not have the flashy appeal of celebrities, but do have something even more valuable: their audience’s trust. In fact, Experticty influencers have a lot of product conversations — up to 22.2x more than the typical consumer — and 74% of those conversations result in a serious product consideration or purchase.

These are the authentic endorsements that your consumers’ trust — and they’re happening all day, every day.

  • 94% of influencer recommendations are seen as more credible and believable when compared to the average consumer
  • 94% of influencer recommendations are seen as more knowledgeable when compared to the average consumer
  • 92% of influencers are perceived as better at explaining how a product works or can be used compared to the average consumer

Tips: So how to get started? First, define what an influencer looks like for your brand. Where do they shop? What do they like to do with their spare time? Second, empower those influencers with insider knowledge about your brand and access to products. Third, define your metrics for success and align them with the marketing KPIs that are most important to your brand.