3 Brand Advocate Myths Debunked

Brand Ambassador Programs

It really does pay to get the right brand advocates talking about your products. But there’s a lot of misinformation out there about these valuable individuals.

So at Experticity, we’re setting the record straight, and proving how engaging with your brand’s strongest advocates can influence both brand perception and sales in scalable, trackable ways.

Myth #1

Fact #1

Yes you can. We’ve proven it in a nationwide study involving over 63,500 sales associates in 330 stores.

The proof:

There are thousands of conversations happening about your brand on the sales floor every day. What if you could identify your brand’s top advocates—and at the same time discover your most active sellers?

Experticity commissioned a study out of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania that followed 330 stores and 63,500 sales associates over two years. 
What did we discover? Retail associates who double as brand advocates sell 87% more than their peers.

Myth #2

Fact #2

We measure it all the time for our clients, turning former grassroots efforts into metrics-driven digital campaigns.

The proof:

Wondering how much time your best brand advocates spend with your brand? How engaged they are? And whether they’re in a position to impact sales? GoPro, the world’s most versatile camera company, was wondering all of the above, but had little data on past outreach efforts to really understand their investment returns overall.

GoPro worked with Experticity to target brand advocates in their retail channel — the ones having hundreds of key conversations with consumers every day. And the investment paid off. In just 18 months, GoPro created an army of 41,100 key influencers who completed more than 125,000 GoPro brand and product quizzes and spent a combined 4,100 hours engaged with GoPro content and products on Experticity.com.

Myth #3

Fact #3

Your most important brand advocates don’t just like you on Facebook. They influence purchase decisions and drive sales.

The proof:

The brands that work with Experticity know that not only does word of mouth matter, but that some opinions matter a lot more than others when it comes to impacting retail sales. They also know that influencing conversations close to the point of sale can make a real impact on business.

Diamondback, a manufacturer of performance bicycles for every rider at every level, knew they had brand advocates out there who were more influential than their everyday social fans, but didn’t know how to best reach them.
Through the Experticity network, Diamondback expanded its footprint to reach dealers, techs and enthusiasts everywhere, and turned them into brand advocates through access to engaging content, new products and insider pricing. This resulted in a significant increase in consumer activity on Diamondback’s Facebook page, website and even the number of brand videos viewed. It also led to an increase in sales.

The right brand advocates can make a big impact in your marketing efforts—and your bottom line.

Ready to put them to work for your brand? We can help. In fact, we’re transforming retail commerce by building and rewarding expertise in the brand advocates customers turn to for advice on what to buy.

Hundreds of the world’s most respected brands work with Experticity to identify and engage with these influential experts and build, track and reward their helpful expertise. The results include improved conversion rates, bigger basket sizes, increased customer loyalty, more customer referrals — and better shopping experiences for everyone involved.