How to Woo Your Influencers

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Influencer Marketing
Real-life influencers are becoming increasingly essential in today’s marketing landscape. After all, they’re the ones who turn people on to your products, and your company. So what does it take for a brand to entice these influencers in order to build long-lasting relationships? 


Share in Their Passions

When we asked the influencers in our network if they work in a profession that matches their passion, 94% of them said yes. So it’s easy to see why they’re so excited to align themselves with the best brands, products and services.

Influencers not only want to know how and why your brand got started, they want to understand your unique approach to design. Even your long-term goals. They also want insider knowledge available only to them. Share the love by giving them what they want — the stuff only passionate experts would know.

Give Them First Dibs

Your most engaged influencers want more than just freebies and samples, they’re looking for real products and ideas they can sink their teeth into. They also love being rewarded for the work they put in and the passionate leaders they are. So give them something more meaningful. Something exclusive. Something that appeals to their inner “geardo.”

What’s the ultimate reward for having expertise and influence? How about a chance to test and review products before their release? Considering that 60% of influencers’ knowledge comes from direct experience and personal research, this opportunity will only give them more to draw from when making recommendations to customers.

Stoke the Fire of Expertise

Influence isn’t seasonal. Neither are experts. They want to hear from you more often — with details that get them all fired up. Maybe you’ve switched up your color palette, introduced a new design or are testing different fabrics. These are the kinds of things they want to know. So in addition to selling your key features, tell your influencers what’s different about a new product, as well as the reasons behind the changes.

Your biggest influencers already love your brand and are eager to hear the most intimate product details you care to offer. So give them the information they want. More often. And it will fuel both their passion and their passionate recommendations.

Now Get Out There and Start Wooing

It’s authenticity and influence that get people talking, and keep them engaged with your brand. That’s why a well-oiled influencer marketing strategy is so important. It’s also why we’re so big on industry experts. These people are more credible, authentic and, most importantly, more trusted than others. Because of this, consumers put more faith in their recommendations, and everybody benefits from a better buying experience.

By wooing these influencers, you’re empowering your network. So give them what they want: a deep and meaningful connection to your brand.

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